04 November 2011

Server is too busy

This time I came across a seemingly simple problem
I received the following message at the portal

Server is too busy

CPU processor of Windows SharePoint Server yield was 100% !!!

CPU 100%

Thanks to RRaveen - How to resolve the “Server Too Busy” error in asp.net, I understand what the problem.
Previously explained how to solve a problem of "large data transfer in web service"
I showed how to change executionTimeout on the web.config

To correct the error - You need to change the variable "executionTimeout" to 3600 (this an hour because it a number of seconds - 60 * 60 = 3600)

Go to the web.config and set the tag httpRuntime the following code on the "system.web" tag.

  <httpRuntime executionTimeout="3600" maxRequestLength="51200">
This should solve the problem. If not,
Should reduce the number (the default is 110 seconds).


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