20 January 2011

Work with a SharePoint list and Lockdown Feature

Tip time:
When you want to prevent Anonymous Users access to forms of the list, such as Allitems.aspx, Newform.aspx, Editform.aspx and Diapform.aspx in a SharePoint anonymous web site - use the Lockdown Feature.

But how can Anonymous Users view or edit details of the list?

Two possible:
  1. Development WebPart that performs the action - sometimes worth especially in developing or buying that WebPart is generic.
  2. Create a Custom Form page with SharePoint Designer in the library that not found in the directory list. Intention to create a page in SPD in a Library such as Library Pages. The feature does not prevent the pages that are not the library related to the list itself..
The second way, Sveta and I found it in the hard way.


Roi Kolbinger said...

See an example for to create a custon list form here:

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