10 May 2011

How to install and work with lockdown feature in SharePoint

Lockdown Feature - if you want to lock anonymous users out of your SharePoint Forms pages on public site, Follow these steps:

1. Write this command on the server

stsadm.exe –o activatefeature –url http://YourSite -name ViewFormPagesLockDown

2. Define Anonymous

2.1 Go to: Central Administration > Application Management > Authentication providers

2.2 Choose your site

2.3 Anonymous Access -> Enable anonymous access

Now go to your site and define the site Anonymous.

2.3 Site Actions > Site Settings > Modify All Site Setting

Users and Permissions > Advanced permissions > Actions > Anonymous Access > All sites


1 - If you broken your Permissions you will need to it (2.3) to all your sites
2 - Look this link: Work with a SharePoint list and Lockdown Feature

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